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Thanks to social networking, the reaction of even one consumer to a product becomes a force that can trigger a boycott or lead to big business for new companies.
(Daniel Goleman, Ecological intelligence, 2009)

    fumetto-immagine-webA world turned upside down

    The Web has revolutionised people’s lives, has permanently changed relationship structures and systems which, for centuries, had formed the backbone of the social and economic system. The consumer has come into force and, as if part of an impressive worldwide parade, has placed the spotlight onto himself on an international stage, where anyone can see, judge, criticise, derail its image, or admire, follow, fall under its spell.

    People first

    From the static hierarchical relationship in which companies (producers) imposed products, styles, fashions and trends to consumers, in a heartbeat, we have made the transition to the new “prosumer” figure: a consumer who produces content, has its say on brands, expresses opinions, sometimes setting the standard in terms of style. A blogger with many followers has the power to make a difference and determine the success and sales outcomes of brands, products and services.

    Relationships at the centre

    The Web 2.0 movement, putting forward boundless online social platforms with exponentially increasing followers, has transformed online presence into a commitment that one must take responsibility. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social platform counts 400 million users in 200 countries (data from November 2015), 8 million of which are in Italy. Facebook counts nearly 26 million active users in Italy, of which 21 million go online on a daily basis.

    This vast network of relationships connects us with anyone – even on the other side of the world – and is a powerful tool of an explosive nature, which must be handled carefully.

    For professionals, the Web is reality

    To many, communicating on the Web has become a daily practice and the image that we build for ourselves online has concrete effects on reality. On social media networks, marketing is interactive and mobile access has a considerable impact on fashion and communication styles and trends. Social media is an exceptionally effective communication channel and its associated immediacy makes it the ideal tool for marketing strategies.

    Conveying the right image, in relation to our goals and to the public which we target, has a profound influence on personal and professional realities: from online contacts that turn into personal connections, to the successful sale of our products and services.

    If you know how to stay connected online with balance and awareness, the virtual becomes real.

    Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the IR Fashion Social Media Method, to communicate your personal brand online in the fashion world, to attract and captivate your audience and to achieve your goals.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti