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“The body is a multilingual being.
It speaks through its colour and its temperature.
It speaks through its tiny dance.
The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers.”
(Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women who run with wolves)

    Leafing through petals of identity…

    Personal identity is diverse and complex, like the corolla of a flower, made up of the individual petals.

    I love shades and colours, I appreciate contrasts and even as a child I always perceived clothes as an outer casing which, much like the chrysalis of a caterpillar, rather than covering us and locking us up within the confines of in a rigid structure, adapts to our evolution. With the right outfit we can transform from caterpillars to butterflies, we can play unfamiliar roles, increase our self-esteem and develop our resources.


    I reveal the essence of beauty

    Each body expresses its own beauty, the unique value of the individual who inhabits it. A body is motion, gait, gestures, proxemics, vibrations and fragrance. Each person gives off a unique and special vibe, emanates their very own energy.

    The aesthetic models imposed by advertising or by a standardised taste are damaging to this idea of uniqueness, flattening out the sense of character and forcing an assimilation of individuality. The path towards learning to make the most of one’s personal image, on the other hand, treats each person as a unique entity, voicing a multitude of suggestions, needs, fears and insecurities, dreams and innermost desires.

    Using the naturalness of colours

    The IR Style Coaching Method is rooted in personal experiences and studies, drawing upon the potential offered by colour and using it in a purposeful and instrumental manner, applicable in any visual communication, where form, colour and message blend in perfect harmony.

    Through the critical and physical examination of individual body types, the related characteristics – weight, height, proportions, shape, complexion, hair –, flaws and strengths I help build an identity which, thanks to the clever use of clothes, accessories, jewellery, hairstyles and makeup, highlights one’s natural beauty.

    When I accompany an individual along their journey to give life to a personal brand, I use the same approach as an artist restoring a fresco. I scrutinise the polychrome traces which the person brings to the surface, sometimes unwittingly, and I brighten up the colours, making them shine, but in their own inner light.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti