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"To see our image clearly, we must polish the mirror."
(Zen proverb)

    People, especially women, are often slaves to stereotyped images, imposed by the canons of a capricious fashion with a tendency to assimilate individuality, flattening and demeaning it.

    The social and psychological effects of these influences are quite severe: from anorexia to the compulsive purchase of clothes, toys and accessories, bought to appease the lack of self-esteem, an inability to gaze upon ourselves in an objective and loving way.


    fumetto-consulenza-personaleMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

    As long as we continue to allow our self-trust and self-esteem to hinge upon the way others look at us, we will inevitably be at the mercy of the judgmental gaze with which we scrutinise ourselves in the mirror. It takes time, and many small steps to reach a frame of mind in which we see ourselves positively and lovingly, accepting our imperfections.

    Self-love is a journey which, through body awareness, passes to the recognition of value and uniqueness, to making the best use of resources available. Identifying one’s strengths helps us to get the most out of ourselves.

    I offer my clients the IR Style Coaching Method, based on simple yet effective rules and above all on experience and first hand practice. I teach them to look at themselves by polishing their internal mirror and making peace with their external reflections, seeing themselves in a clear and benevolent light.

    My personal image consulting service consists of customised pathways designed together with the customer: from my work as a Personal stylist, to achieving a clean total look, decluttering and reorganising the wardrobe, online and offline shopping, and Web 2.0 Image consulting and Personal branding.

    If you contact me to learn more about my services and philosophy, I would be more than happy to offer a pathway focused on wellness, self-esteem and personal fulfilment, tailored to your specific needs.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti