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“You want to be successful in life?
Then begin with tidying up your wardrobe”.
(Marie Kondo, The life-changing magic of tidying up)

    There is a need in the air

    We have reached a turning point.

    Pessimists see a crisis, feel an absence, a contraction.

    In reality, we are experiencing a period of individual and collective transition, which helps evolve our consciousness, promotes inner well-being and the improvement of life.

    We come from decades of environmental waste, carelessness, indifference and disregard to people. Yet now more than ever it has become clear to economists and to all individuals of good sense and good will, that a radical change is needed. No longer wasting energy and resources, saving, tidying up applies both to our home environments and in offices, factories, shops, workshops and businesses in general.

    At home and at work, reclaiming space and freeing ourselves from unnecessary items allows us to create a new dimension, open to innovation and change.

    From the West, the need to declutter

    The term “decluttering” refers to “getting rid of useless things.” The word clutter, in fact, is synonymous with trash and waste, yet more than a simple action referring to cleaning up a drawer in our bedroom, decluttering is fast becoming a genuine philosophy of life.

    From the East, the Zen art of tidying up

    The push to tidy up and declutter our daily lives, based on a scientific method and rigour, could not have come from any other place but Japan, an ages-old inspiration of minimalism and Zen practices. Marie Kondo, author of the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” teaches how to recapture space and wellness through a few simple steps, for a pathway towards so-called benevolent degrowth. This approach has inspired the Konmari method.

    The IR Fashion Decluttering Method

    My style of decluttering is based on the Konmari Method and rooted in the art of making things clear, establishing a taxonomy and priorities, starting from the wardrobe and the desk, to our individual interiority.

    Unused objects are not always useless, but we can honour them by putting them back into circulation, by giving them away, exchanging them, selling them.


    We can learn to eliminate irreparably damaged clothes, accessories and objects, in the effort to separate ourselves from their symbolic value.

    Decluttering is the basis of my personal and corporate image consulting philosophy, beginning with the simple yet difficult action of making space and bringing clarity to life, beginning with material objects.

    With the IR Style Decluttering Method, I inspire and provoke a movement that leads to the concept of interiority, inspiring a lifestyle change and making it possible to achieve:


    Living in order makes life easier.


    Systematically eliminating the things that are no longer needed helps save precious time.


    Reducing the size of our wardrobe (or of documents in the office or in a business) helps give prominence to what is important to keep, creating space for new ventures.


    Getting rid of superfluous items lightens your life and helps bring a sense of serenity: fewer objects to clean and dust; less washing, ironing and putting away; fewer dusty documents among which to find what you really need; less weight to carry in your bag when travelling.


    Objects are dear to us as they are often symbols, connecting us to a past memory. Their value lies in the fact that they put us back in touch with those events and those feelings which preserve a connection, yet it is important to question the real need to continue owning them.

    Getting rid of things that you no longer use and no longer serve a purpose can be really difficult. Yet often, after doing so and making space, you immediately feel better and in a good mood.

    There is no need for a closet full of clothes to create outfits for any occasion: all it takes is a little creativity in the combinations and accessories.

    Please contact me to explain your needs, personal as well as professional.
    It will be a pleasure to work together to identify the best approach to find your very own decluttering style.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti