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"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.
Fashion is in the sky, in the street,
fashion has to do with ideas,
the way we live, what is happening.."
(Coco Chanel)


    Form and content, as the great philosophers knew well, are intimately connected. Outward appearance is not negligible with respect to the inner self, but rather is an expression of the latter.

    Communication and marketing focus on constructing elements that are easily and immediately identifiable, which the consumer can latch onto. Belonging is the force that drives people together, that motivates them and pushes them to move and to create recognisable signs, from symbols to logos and totems. There is no such thing as aggregation without presence. The public “presence” of brands, companies, professionals, is formed around fundamental nuclei: values, vision, mission; it is closely linked to ideas, with the different ways of seeing the world, with lifestyles. First and foremost, it must be communicated within the organisation, so that it becomes consolidated, to then be able to expand it to the outside world and communicated to the target.

    Another copycat of competitors?” No thanks

    There are millions of us who offer the same products and services. There will always be someone better than us, from whom we can learn. But there’s certainly no one exactly like us.

    My role as a Business Style Coach is to partner with entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, on simple, concrete and effective paths to acquire tools and security aimed at well-being in life and at work. I help my clients identify their unique image, which represents and characterises them in an original and differentiated manner, both in private and professionally.

    Feeling good, being yourself, unique and in harmony in different situations avoids the assimilation of individuality and helps you captivate your target audience and achieve your goals.

    There’s no one like you

    If you are wondering how I can be certain that I can help and support you, my answer is simple: I teach you what I did and what I do for myself.

    My logo consists of a pair of glasses, a fashion detail, on which I focus a great deal of originality, style and elegance. The journey starts from a defect (myopia), from a limit (an accessory that can be an annoyance) to create your very own distinctive mark.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti