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"I would like to tell people to open their eyes and find the beauty where we normally do not expect it."
(Jean Paul Gaultier)


    Rare Insight

    Being a Style Coach means teaching people to love their body with all its qualities and flaws, providing them with an easy way to express one’s personality through clothes, celebrating and embracing uniqueness.

    I like to help people feel good, to see them fulfilled and happy. Above all, I want to help women  make peace with the mirror, who unfortunately are often held to unnatural beauty standards.

    Experience has sharpened my intuition and I use it at my clients’ benefit to capture those distinctive traits of their personality that deserve to be valued.

    My idea of fashion is that which helps you feel better, without artifice and sensationalism, thanks to small simple steps.

    “Light My Night”, Milano

    Adorning yourself with light

    With Federico Sangalli, eclectic designer, I created a collection of bags that shape light: silk and optical fibre blend together to create a new fabric, futuristic yet characterised by tailoring quality. The fabric is worked using 1950s haute couture techniques and patterned with frosted optical fibre which, connected by an LED to a small hidden battery, can elegantly light up. The effect of cascading light drops is more intense in the dark, gradually taking on a delicate appearance as the surrounding environment offers more light.

    Fashion Editor

    Seeing fashion

    I help design the visual identity of fashion brands and fashion magazines. I bring to life the right atmosphere and styles for industry events. I choose the right moods and work with creative directors, art directors, photographers, to create images and looks for photo shoots, videos, fashion films, events, fashion shows and publications.

    Business Style Coach.

    Intensifying charisma

    With elegance and based on a finely tuned scientific method, I help build a solid qualified image of success for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.

    I help define the right corporate identity in relation to business goals.


    Image Consultant

    Valuing uniqueness

    I analyse my clients’ colours, shapes and style to help revive their image and allow them to shine with inner light.

    Member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

    Fashion Social Media Specialist

    Enhancing the image

    I exploit the power and potential of the Web to develop interactive marketing campaigns on social media networks, emphasising my clients’ fashion image.

    Image Consulting training, Milan – Lugano

    Teaching style

    I provide a theoretical and practical basis for the Image Consultant profession: from analysis of the latest contemporary fashion trends, to the concepts of styling and the study of different types of appearances to help create the most suitable look, based on a client’s profession, activities and budget.

    Decluttering training, Milan – Lugano

    Practising the rules

    I transmit expertise and simple techniques to “make room” based on the Konmari method, experimented with firsthand in an evolutionary process of continuous growth and customised within the IR Decluttering Style Method.

    Personal Branding training, Milan – Lugano

    Distilling essence

    As part of an integrated pathway, made up of technical expertise, a solid theoretical base and extensive experimentation, I accompany my clients on a journey focused on identifying and understanding the uniqueness of the individual essence, teaching them how to communicate it.

    If you contact me to learn more about my services and philosophy, I would be more than happy to explain what I do and to share my personal Coaching and Training Method with you.


Isabella Ratti

Isabella Ratti